Christopher Hassett


  Amid the smoking ruins of some earthly apocalypse, and with only a bone lit from the remaining fires, the narrator of this extraordinary poem wanders. He comes upon an enormous hole in a desert torched to glass and, without pause, tosses himself in. There, in the dark terrains below, he sets out in search of his beloved. His pilgrimage takes him deep through riverbed and faulting rock, through mesmeric canyons and caverns wondrously scribed, through windswept barrens and landscapes growing luminous and alive. It is a stunning descent that at all times leads up.

   The Boundary Stone is a magical, near mythical journey of transcendence and renewal. Its telling is in a voice as present and resolute as the absence it evokes, its imagery as expansive and elusive as the interiors themselves.


Format: 5.5x8.5" - 140x216mm

Pages: 78

Paperback ISBN 978-1-937487-85-0

eBook ISBN 978-1-937487-86-7


Christopher Hassett, California, 2016
Christopher Hassett, California, 2016


Christopher Hassett is a writer, painter and editor-at-large. He lives mostly in Los Angeles.