Pierre Toutain-Dorbec

Pierre Toutain Dorbec Photo Book In Rust I Trust USA car automobile
In Rust I Trust - ISBN-10: 0-9802432-0-3


In Rust I Trust

Photographs by Pierre Toutain-Dorbec

Introduction by Joan Logghe, Santa Fe Poet Laureate


e Book  ISBN-13: 978-0-9802432-3-9

  Rust is the result … of time and metal merged by nature. But rust also is the source … of the colors and shapes that become the striking images captured by Pierre Toutain-Dorbec’s eye and camera. His subjects are hulks of steel – but also so much more. Their mass holds the history of countless lives, tales only the imagination can know. Though these bodies may rest now at the end of their miles, Pierre’s vision still takes them down that endless winding road.